world according to jeff goldblum Atmosphere Drones
world according to jeff goldblum Atmosphere Drones
world according to jeff goldblum Atmosphere Drones
world according to jeff goldblum Atmosphere Drones
world according to jeff goldblum Atmosphere Drones
world according to jeff goldblum Atmosphere Drones



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Our drone pilots are cinematographers aerial photography and video production. Our crews are made up of experienced cinematographers that utilize their skills to capture stunning, cinematic imagery for TV, film and streaming. All crews are FAA approved drone operators and trained in strictly safe flying practices. We operate in all markets New Orleans Drone company.

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360/ VR

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Film & TV Drones

Speicalized drones for Film and TV productions. Everything from Heavy Lift drones to Inspire 2 with X7 camera.

Live Broadcast Drones

Full HD and 4K LIVE video feeds for live events and sports. We were the first to put a drone in a huricane LIVE with GMA.

FPV Drones

Small, light weight and crazy FAST! Our FPV drones are perfect for close quarter car chasing and interior of buildings.

Cable Cam | Point to Point

The best for the tight spaces where a drone is not the right fit. Flying cameras over poeple for concerts and sporting events.

VR / 360 Drones

Want to look everywhere in the air? Put a 360 camera on a drone and you have it. From small VR cameras to the huge 11K 360.

Motion Control Robot

Programable, Repeatable and Precise. Layer in the motion to create beyond realitly shots over and over. This robot is AMAZING.

Our Drone Pilots

command the latest drone technology. All our drone crews are FAA certified and full insured. From feature films, TV show, streaming services and commerical there is nothing we cannot do. If ther is a project that require more than a drone we have out cable cam and moco robot.

Our Drone Operators

 All our drone crews are made up of cinematigraphers first. We now take our skills to the sky to bring stunning cinematic, dynamic and first take shots. We fly drones everyday and out the only full time drone company in New Orleans and Lousinana.

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Live Broadcast Drones

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VR / 360


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New Orleans | Atlanta | Miami | Austin | Los Angeles | New York

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Over 30 years of combined cinemtic and video production, our drone team is more than ready to take on anything. We have many world first including the first to fly a drone in NASA over the International Space Station and flying a VR / 360 camera for Lexus at Laguna Seca raceway for on of their prototype cars.

From heavy lift drones to fly Alexa Mini, Red, Sony and most anything else that you can think of we can put in with our drones. The Inspire 2 with X7 camera is an amazing drone that can do just about anything for film and TV production. Our tiny boy FPV drones can fly the incredible Red Komodo and V-Raptor.