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lbs payload

ft long

     The trolley glides across a cable stretched between two anchor points. The anchor points can be fixed points like trees or other permanent structures or they can be movable anchors like a forklift, scissor lift, scaffold or similar. Noisy production gear in a sound sensitive environment is annoying. Our gear has ultrasonic motor driver and a specially designed multi-brush motor which are silent.

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The most important feature on any of our systems. Our cable cam has multiple safety redundancies allowing the sled to safely operate over crowds, stages, and extensive set designs.  A captive safety bracket attaches using 3/8″ bolts allowing a second safety line to be held on dual drive wheels. Digital Safety Stops automatically stops the system which keeps the operator’s attention on the shot.

The Cable

As you should know by now, we strive to provide our clients, the best.  Using the strongest cable to run our cable cam provides our team, along with you as the client the assurance and peace of mind.

We use 8mm Dyneema. This is a synthetic cable that has a strength of 12,000 lbs. Our cable cam requires only 1,500 lbs of cable strength at max load, meaning we keep a huge safety buffer.

Other features of Dyneema:

  • Up to 660 ft long cable runs.
  • Very high strength to weight ratio.
  • Very high abrasion resistance.
  • 0.08% stretch rate.
  • High UV resistance.
  • Floats & does not absorb water.

Our cable cam allows us to create cinematic camera movement in environments that we would not be able to use our drones or car mount systems practically.  Our cable cam is perfect for carrying our MōVI Pro and Ronin 2 through various sorts of locations including:

  • Forests
  • Ravines
  • Close to Water
  • Over People
  • Indoors
  • Audio-Sensitive Environments
  • Extra Close Proximity to Subjects
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