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Colbert Drone Pilots for Dynamic, Cinematic and Precise camera movement by Drone, Cine Robot, Cable Cam and VR

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Our drone pilots are cinematographers aerial photography and video production. Our crews are experienced cinematographers who utilize their skills to capture stunning, cinematic imagery for TV, film, and streaming. All crews are FAA-approved drone operators and trained in strictly safe flying practices. We operate in all markets including Colbert, WA Drone company.

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New orleans drone company


new orleans cable cam


VR and 360 camera used to shoot a Virtual reality video for Lexus

360/ VR

motion control robot new orleans


Film & TV Drones

Specialized drones for Film and TV productions. Everything from Heavy Lift drones to Inspire 2 with X7 camera.

LIVE Broadcast Drone

Full HD and 4K LIVE video feed for live events and sports. We were the first to put a drone in a hurricane LIVE with GMA.

FPV Drone

Small, lightweight, and very FAST! Our FPV drones are perfect for close-quarter car chasing and the interior of buildings.

Cable Cam | Point to Point

The best for tight spaces where a drone is not the right fit. Flying cameras over people for concerts and sporting events.

VR / 360 Drones

Want to look everywhere in the air? Put a 360 camera on a drone and you have it. From small VR cameras to the huge 11K 360.

Motion Control Robot

Programmable, Repeatable, and Precise. Layer in the motion to create beyond-reality shots over and over. This robot is AMAZING.

New Orleans drone pilot Atmosphere drones atmosphere aerial atmosphere cinema drones for film and tv heavy lift drones

Atmosphere Drones is the premier aerial cinematography and specialty camera movement team including many drone pilot. We employ cutting-edge technology, including drones, cable cams, helicopters, gimbal systems, and motion-controlled robots to capture breathtaking shots safely and creatively.

Our drone pilots strictly adhere to FAA Part 107 regulations, with all necessary authorizations and waivers obtained for flying in cities across North America and the world. We carry a comprehensive $10+ million aviation liability policy, meeting the requirements of domestic and international studios and networks. Our team holds waivers for night operations and flight over humans, ensuring versatility and compliance.

With extensive global experience and thousands of flight hours, our crew is able to fly in Colbert, WA drone pilots and aerial camera operators are at the forefront of their field. Our arsenal includes top-notch equipment such as the DJI Inspire 3 drone with X9 8K camera system, Alta X heavy lift drone with Arri Alexa Mini/Mini LF or Red cameras, and our reliable cable cam system.

Our Drone Pilot

command the latest drone technology. All our drone crews are FAA certified and fully insured. From feature films, TV shows, streaming services, and commercials there is nothing we cannot do. If there is a project that requires more than a drone we have our cable cam and moco robot.

Our Drone Operators

 All our drone crews are made up of cinematographers first. We now take our skills to the sky to bring stunning cinematic, dynamic, and first-take shots. We fly drones every day and out the only full-time drone company for Colbert and WA.

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Live Broadcast Drones

New Orleans drone pilot, New Orleans drone crew New Orleans drone company New Orleans drone operator
Cinema fpv drone pilots for film and tv

FPV Drones

Cable Cam

new Orleans cable cam for red cameras and Alexa cameras arri cable cam
360/ VR drone New Orleans Louisiana

VR / 360


Atmosphere Drone new orleans drone team
Atmosphere Drone cable cam



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New Orleans | Atlanta | Miami | Austin | Los Angeles | New York | Colbert

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Drones in the Spotlight: Revolutionizing Film and TV Productions

In the ever-evolving landscape of film and television production, one technology has soared to new heights, revolutionizing the way stories are told and visualized – drones. These unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with state-of-the-art camera systems, have swiftly become an integral tool for filmmakers, offering unique perspectives and breathtaking shots that were once unimaginable.

The impact of drones on the entertainment industry has been profound, offering unparalleled creative possibilities to capture dynamic and cinematic footage. From sweeping aerial shots that set the stage for epic scenes to thrilling chase sequences that immerse audiences in heart-pounding action, drones have opened a world of cinematic opportunities.

Beyond the sheer visual spectacle, drones bring unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness to film and TV productions. With their agile maneuverability, filmmakers can swiftly set up shots that previously required extensive equipment and logistical planning. This flexibility empowers directors and cinematographers to focus on their artistic vision, pushing boundaries and heightening storytelling.

As the leading drone cinematography company, Atmosphere Drones has been at the forefront of this revolution. Their skilled drone pilots, cinematographers, and camera operators have worked with major film studios, including Marvel Studios, Disney, HBO, and more, to deliver mesmerizing aerial visuals that leave audiences captivated.


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