Cinematic Drone Gear

for Film and TV Production

Atmosphere Drones takes filmmaking to new heights with a cutting-edge arsenal of drone gear, perfectly suited for major productions and TV shows. Our fleet includes the powerful DJI Inspire 3, featuring an 8K RAW full-frame camera, delivering stunningly detailed imagery. The Freefly Alta X is our go-to heavy-lift drone, capable of carrying Red or Alexa cameras, ensuring unmatched versatility and cinematic quality. For dynamic and fast-paced sequences, our FPV drones take flight, capturing thrilling shots from unique perspectives. To navigate tight spaces and elevate creativity, we deploy our efficient cable cam system.

With these exceptional tools and drone gear, our team of skilled FAA-licensed drone operators delivers unparalleled footage that adds magic to every frame. When it comes to elevating storytelling through aerial cinematography, Atmosphere Drones stands out as the go-to choice for filmmakers seeking the extraordinary.

Atmosphere Drones new orleans drone crew

Alta X

Heavy Lift Cinematic Drone

Perfect for Red and Alexa Mini LF

Take off weight of 76.8 lbs

Movi Pro Gimbal

Full FIZ

Dual Operator

New Orleans drone pilot, New Orleans drone crew New Orleans drone company New Orleans drone operator

Inspire 3

Big Impact. Small Footprint.

X9 Camera

Up to 8K in in ProRes and RAW

Full Frame Sensor

8K at 75fps | 4K at 120fps

60+ MPH

Interchangeable Lens

Dual Operator

Cinema fpv drone pilots for film and tv


Fast and Nimbal 

RED Komodo & other cameras

99.9 mph

Mavic 3 Cine Atmosphere Drones, drone pilot, drone crew

Mavic 3 Cine

BIG PUNCH, small size

5.1K 50fps, 4K 120fps

ProRes HQ

4/3 CMOS

46min flight time


Atmosphere Drone new orleans drone team


The New Camera Car

30+ mph

Advanced wire rope isolators

Maintaining complete control and stability.

Movi Pro Gimbal

Full FIZ

Dual Operator

Atmosphere Drone cable cam

Cable Cam

Simple, Safe, Smart and incredibly powerful.


40+ mph

Safe operation over crowds

Movi Pro Gimbal

Fits in tight spaces

Full FIZ

Dual Operator

The Right Drone Gear

is an absolute game-changer across all aspects of filmmaking and beyond. Whether it's major productions, TV shows, commercials, documentaries, or even creative projects, having the perfect drone equipment elevates every shot to new heights. From capturing breathtaking aerial landscapes to dynamic action sequences, the capabilities of modern drones are nothing short of astonishing.

For major productions and TV shows, top-of-the-line drones like the DJI Inspire 3 and the Freefly Alta X are indispensable. The Inspire 3's 8K RAW full-frame camera delivers unrivaled visual quality, while the Alta X's heavy-lift capacity allows seamless integration of cinema-grade cameras, ensuring cinematic brilliance.

But drone gear isn't limited to just these high-end models. Even in fast-paced environments, FPV drones shine, offering thrilling perspectives and adrenaline-pumping shots that captivate audiences. And when creative vision demands flexibility and precision, the cable cam system comes into play, enabling smooth camera movements in confined spaces.

The right drone gear unlocks endless possibilities, enabling filmmakers to craft visually stunning and emotionally engaging stories. From action-packed blockbusters to heartfelt documentaries, drones provide an unparalleled cinematic experience that stays with audiences long after the credits roll. So, whether it's capturing epic landscapes or getting up close and personal, having the right drone gear is the secret ingredient to achieving cinematic excellence in every frame.