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FPV Drone Pilots

Cinelift FPV Drones

FPV (First-Person View) drones are a specialized type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that offers unique capabilities and perspectives for filmmaking. Unlike traditional camera drones, FPV drones are designed to be flown from a first-person perspective, as if the pilot is inside the drone itself. This immersive flying experience allows for more dynamic and creative shots, making them an increasingly popular choice for movies and other cinematic projects.


CineLift FPV for Red Komodo and Sony FX6


Tiny FPV drones with GoPro and VR / 360 cameras

fpv drone red Komodo and Alexa mini New Orleans fav drone pilot fav drone operator in houston dallas austin Miami florida texas

Filmmakers often use FPV drones to add a unique and immersive perspective to their storytelling, giving the audience a front-row seat to the action. These drones are also popular for capturing point-of-view shots, making the viewers feel like they are part of the scene.

fpv drone for auto drifting and car racing in New Orleans Austin Dallas Miami and Los Angeles

Auto Racing

Drift cars, drag racing, NASCAR and street racing see it all up close & personal

fpv drones for mountain surfing in North Carolina Asheville Tennessee


Surf mountinas and the landscapes like never before. Fly through the eyes of birds to get never before seen images.

fpv drones for chasing boats jet ski water sports and water racing

Boat FPV

Land and sea is where our FPV pilots  like to be. Be in the action with our fast FPV pilots

air to air fpv drone pilots fpv drone operator fpv drone red Komodo and Alexa mini

Air to air

We can chase, fly through, around and inside just about anything that you can put in the air.


FPV Pilots that fly Red Komodo and more

FPV drones excel in capturing fast-paced action sequences, thrilling chase scenes, and intimate, low-level shots that add a sense of immersion and excitement to the footage. Their compact size and agility allow them to navigate through tight spaces and get close to subjects, resulting in shots that would be challenging or impossible to achieve with larger drones.

fpv drone red Komodo and Alexa mini with go pro and vr 360 camera for fpv drones and fpv operators

However, FPV drones require skilled pilots with expertise in flying from a first-person view and a deep understanding of filmmaking to create visually stunning shots that align with the director’s vision. Safety measures and coordination with the film crew are essential to ensure a smooth and successful shoot.

Our GOAL with FPV in New Orleans

FPV Drones & Drone Pilots for all projects

Speeds up to 100mph with leading high-end cinema cameras there is nothing that our FPV pilots cannot handle. Our mission is cinematography with the world’s fastest, smallest, and most powerful FPV drones we can get our hands on.

FPV drones bring a fresh and exhilarating approach to drone cinematography, making them an exciting tool for filmmakers looking to add an extra layer of creativity and excitement to their movies.


Stable FPV video


Extreme angles and closeup images at high speeds

With us you can find New Orleans fastest, most experianced and powerfull FPV drones and Drone Pilots.

With high flght times and high speeds with high end cameras we can shoot, chase and go through just about anything that our FPV drones can fit into.

New Orleans, LA best drone team and FPV pilots. Our FPV drone pilots can operate all over the country and the world. Houston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Austin, New York City and the Carribean.

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