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In the expansive sky of cinematic innovation, First-Person View (FPV) drones emerge as the avant-garde, offering a thrilling immersion into aerial filmmaking. FPV for drones signifies a piloting method where operators control the drone based on the view from an onboard camera, streamed live to goggles or a monitor. This intimate perspective unlocks unparalleled dynamism in capturing footage, making Atmosphere Drones your quintessential partner in pioneering visual storytelling.


CineLift FPV for Red Komodo and Sony FX6


Tiny FPV drones with GoPro and VR / 360 cameras

Red Komodo fpv drone pilot in New Orleans, Atlanta los Angeles los vegas

The question of legality often shadows the exhilarating world of FPV drones. Rest assured, FPV drones are not inherently illegal. Regulations vary by region, focusing on ensuring safety and privacy. At Atmosphere Drones, compliance with these regulations is paramount, as we navigate the legal landscape with expertise, ensuring that our operations enhance your project without overstepping boundaries.

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FPV Pilots that fly Red Komodo and more

FPV drones serve a kaleidoscope of purposes, transcending mere aerial shots. From the adrenaline-pumping action of sports events to the delicate beauty of natural landscapes, and even the intricate exploration of architectural wonders, FPV drones offer a versatile toolkit for creators. Atmosphere Drones harnesses this versatility, transforming every project into a mesmerizing cinematic experience that captivates and enthralls.

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Navigating an FPV drone requires skill, a nuanced understanding of its mechanics, and a keen sense of creativity. While it’s true that mastering FPV flying presents challenges, it’s a journey of skill acquisition that Atmosphere Drones embraces with open arms. Our pilots are seasoned artists of the sky, whose expertise turns the complex dance of FPV flight into a seamless ballet of aerial finesse, making what is hard appear effortlessly beautiful.

Our GOAL with FPV in New Orleans

FPV Drones & Drone Pilots for all projects

The velocity of FPV drones is a testament to their exhilarating potential, with speeds that can soar beyond 100 mph, turning the sky into a dynamic canvas of rapid, fluid motion. This speed, coupled with agility, allows Atmosphere Drones to capture life in motion like never before, from the swift, heart-stopping descent of a waterfall to the energetic pulse of city life. 

At Atmosphere Drones, we don’t just operate drones; we elevate the essence of your story, bringing it to life against the vast, expressive backdrop of the sky. Our commitment to excellence, adherence to legal standards, and passion for storytelling converge to make us the premier choice for those seeking to infuse their projects with the breathtaking beauty of FPV drone cinematography. Discover the difference with Atmosphere Drones, where every flight is a journey beyond the ordinary, into the realm of extraordinary visual tales.


Stable FPV video


Extreme angles and closeup images at high speeds

  •  FPV drones offer an immersive flying experience, giving pilots a bird’s-eye view and unparalleled control for precise maneuvering.
  • They are ideal for capturing dynamic, cinematic footage that traditional cameras cannot, adding a new dimension to storytelling.
  • Despite their advanced capabilities, FPV drones maintain legality for recreational and professional use, adhering to specific regulations.
  • With speeds that can exceed 100 mph, FPV drones capture high-speed action with breathtaking clarity and fluidity.
  • Though they present a learning curve, the intuitive control system of FPV drones allows pilots to master flying skills with practice, making the experience rewarding.
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With us you can find New Orleans fastest, most experianced and powerfull FPV drones and Drone Pilots.

With high flght times and high speeds with high end cameras we can shoot, chase and go through just about anything that our FPV drones can fit into.

New Orleans, LA best drone team and FPV pilots. Our FPV drone pilots can operate all over the country and the world. Houston, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Austin, New York City and the Carribean.

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