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Okanogan Drone Operator for Dynamic, Cinematic and Precise camera movement by Drone, Cine Robot, Cable Cam and VR

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New Orleans drone pilot for film and TV
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Drone Operator for Okanogan, WA

New Orleans | Atlanta | Miami | Austin | Los Angeles | New York | Okanogan

Unveiling Our Expertise: Discover Atmosphere Drones, your premier partner for impeccable drone and cable cam operations across prime filming locations. We proudly serve the thriving film and television industry in bustling cities including Okanogan, WA Drone company.

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New orleans drone company


new orleans cable cam


VR and 360 camera used to shoot a Virtual reality video for Lexus

360/ VR

motion control robot new orleans


Film & TV Drones

Specialized drones for Film and TV productions. Everything from Heavy Lift drones to Inspire 2 with X7 camera.

LIVE Broadcast Drone

Full HD and 4K LIVE video feed for live events and sports. We were the first to put a drone in a hurricane LIVE with GMA.

FPV Drone

Small, lightweight, and very FAST! Our FPV drones are perfect for close-quarter car chasing and the interior of buildings.

Cable Cam | Point to Point

The best for tight spaces where a drone is not the right fit. Flying cameras over people for concerts and sporting events.

VR / 360 Drones

Want to look everywhere in the air? Put a 360 camera on a drone and you have it. From small VR cameras to the huge 11K 360.

Motion Control Robot

Programmable, Repeatable, and Precise. Layer in the motion to create beyond-reality shots over and over. This robot is AMAZING.

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Our Credits Speak Volumes: Our diverse portfolio boasts an array of acclaimed collaborations such as The New York Times Magazine, Apple TV, HBO, Netflix, Marvel, and more. From compelling car commercials to top streaming series and cinematic masterpieces, our expertise is woven into every frame.

Unveiling Our Arsenal: Empower your storytelling with the latest drone and camera packages curated from DJI, Freefly Systems, Arri, Red, Sony, and Canon. Our arsenal includes the much-revered DJI Inspire 3 with X9 camera, as well as the powerful Alta X Heavy Lift Drone.

Where Vision Takes Flight: With FAA Part 107 licensing and a comprehensive $5M aviation liability policy, Atmosphere Drones guarantees safety and professionalism. Operating across the United States, we offer swift services in cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, and Okanogan, WA, all within short notice. Our adept drone teams streamline the permitting process with film offices and the FAA, and our operators hold waivers for night operations and flights over people.

Our Drone Operator

Aerial Magic in Motion: Elevate your projects with Atmosphere Drones—a powerhouse of licensed drone pilots, aerial camera operators, and drone technicians. We bring your vision to life, capturing the essence of every frame. Whether it’s awe-inspiring drone filming, immersive drone virtual reality capture, or meticulous drone inspections, we’re here to make your creative dreams soar.

Our Drone Operators

 All our drone crews are made up of cinematographers first. We now take our skills to the sky to bring stunning cinematic, dynamic, and first-take shots. We fly drones every day and we are the only full-time drone company that can work in Okanogan and WA.

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Live Broadcast Drones

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Cinema fpv drone pilots for film and tv

FPV Drones

Cable Cam

new Orleans cable cam for red cameras and Alexa cameras arri cable cam
360/ VR drone New Orleans Louisiana

VR / 360


Atmosphere Drone new orleans drone team
Atmosphere Drone cable cam



Get in Touch: Connect with us at 225-395-1556 to delve into a world of unparalleled cinematic possibilities. Atmosphere Drones—a name synonymous with excellence in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Albuquerque, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, and Okanogan, WA.

New Orleans | Atlanta | Miami | Austin | Los Angeles | New York | Okanogan

Atmosphere Drones Logo New Orleans Drone Company

With over 30 years of combined cinematic and video production, our drone team is more than ready to take on anything. We have many world first including the first to fly a drone in NASA over the International Space Station and flying a VR / 360 camera for Lexus at Laguna Seca raceway for one of their prototype cars.

Aerial Cinematography Beyond Boundaries

Atmosphere Drones empowers filmmakers, TV producers, and major studios with unparalleled aerial cinematography services that know no borders. Whether your project unfolds in the vibrant streets of Hollywood, the bustling cityscapes of New York, or the breathtaking vistas of international locales, we have the expertise and adaptability to capture stunning visuals in every setting.


Collaborating with Cinematic Giants

Having collaborated with esteemed clients like Marvel Studios, Disney, HBO, and major film studios and streaming services, our work stands as a testament to our ability to deliver exceptional results. These collaborations have honed our craft, refining our skills to elevate every project to unparalleled heights of excellence.


From heavy lift drones to fly Alexa Mini, Red, Sony, and almost anything else that you can think of we can put in with our drones. The Inspire 3 with X9 camera is an amazing drone that can do just about anything for film and TV production. Our tiny boy FPV drones can fly the incredible Red Komodo and V-Raptor.

Unmatched Drone Fleet

Our arsenal of cutting-edge drones is at the heart of our success. From the industry-leading DJI Inspire 3 with its 8K RAW full-frame camera, to the agile FPV drones capable of captivating chase sequences, each drone is meticulously maintained for peak performance. The heavy-lift Alta X drone equipped with Arri Alexa Mini and Red cameras adds an extraordinary dimension to your storytelling. Our range of drones allows us to craft the perfect aerial perspective for your unique narrative.


Elevating Hollywood and Beyond

With our base in Hollywood, Atmosphere Drones is strategically positioned to serve the entire film industry, from major studios to independent productions. Our adaptability and expertise allow us to seamlessly navigate the complexities of any project, transforming your creative vision into cinematic brilliance.


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